The Cross-Cultural Folk Heritage Association of Beaufort County was created as a vehicle to help the people of Beaufort County look beyond difficult, yet important points in history for our location, to expand how we define ourselves as people, with the intention to connect with each other to form friendships with a deeper understanding of ourselves and compassion for others so that we can look at the history of our location from a more rounded perspective that helps us approach harder conversations with love and understanding.>

Bi-annually we will have a series of events focused on a subject matter related to daily living. For example: Baskets and Containers, Music, Painting, Dance, Clothing. The topics may also be further themed or combined with associated themes. An example of this is our first topic: Ecstatic or Healing Dances with an associated theme of The Black Madonna as many of the healing dances have a spiritual component and the Black Madonna represent that aspect. We ask that you trust our intentions and participate, by co-creating art and relationships with us!

There will be many modalities that people can use to access and participate in our events. There will be performances, exhibits, and workshops geared towards involving as many people as possible in whatever capacity they are interested in joining. Ideas for artists, themes, and activities are welcome! Observe the format and offer your input!

The idea for The Cross-Cultural Folk Heritage Association of Beaufort County came out of a Reading Group that Jill Correnti Striebinger hosted to develop friendships over reading. As we sat together, it was important that at all times when we shared, we did so from a place of equality and authentic listening. Through this process, we have developed a format of sharing and listening that is very heart-centered and is more about the act of sharing rather than just the information shared. As the group evolved, we went from book discussions to cultural discussions: lost cultures, family cultures, places in which we lived; we used this topic to deepen our connections yet still keep our sharing interesting. This effort has been inspired by the time in which we live.